Statement by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on Inaccurate Media Coverage of So-called “China Linked Cams Eye NZ”

2023-04-05 12:47

We note that certain New Zealand media has published a ill-founded front-page report about so-called China Linked Cams Eye New Zealand, and we express our concern about it. The report is full of mis or even dis-information and groundless accusations against China, and the author of the article clearly is stuck in the Cold War era, and the article reflects a cold-war mentality. The article deliberately spreads suspicion and fear, and on that basis attempts to create division and even confrontation, which is obviously not conducive to the continued development of mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation between China and New Zealand.

We also note that much of the content of the article comes from sources outside New Zealand, and it is clear that some forces are deliberately launching a propaganda campaign against China in countries including New Zealand, with the sole purpose of smearing and discrediting China to serve the short-sighted and narrow interests of that certain country, or to put it bluntly, to serve the hegemony of that country. But that country itself is the author and executor of the world's largest monitoring, spying and surveillance programme, and the evidence of its activities has been well-documented.

We hope and trust that the New Zealand media, public and government authorities will make independent judgement based on the merits of the matter and the interests of New Zealand, and create an open, fair and non-discriminatory environment, and thus a level playing field  for companies, technologies and products from different countries, in accordance with the relevant rules of the WTO and other international multilateral institutions, and the commitments we have all made together.