Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on Issue of “Economic Coercion”

2023-06-11 15:02

We have noted the joint declaration on “Economic Coercion” by a small group of countries. In fact, it is plain enough who is conducting coercive, hegemonic, high-handed and bullying acts, economically or otherwise. The international community will not be easily deceived. Certain countries tend to overstretch or abuse the concept of national security to impose protectionist policies under various pretexts, which violate both the WTO rules and the commitments made jointly by all parties in an unabashed manner. Whether in terms of the quantity of the relevant sanctions and restrictive measures imposed, or the scope of affected countries, industries, companies, technologies and individuals, it is self-evident who is imposing “economic coercion” on others. 

Smearing other countries, either directly or indirectly, won’t whitewash one’s own dismal record on coercion and hegemony. Making such blatant accusations against others is simply to justify and glorify their own coercive acts and to pursue exceptionalism, which amounts to nothing but a thief crying “stop the thief”. Practicing double standards on this issue is full of hypocrisy and severely undermines the relevant international mechanisms and rules jointly established and universally recognized by the international community.

Using “economic coercion” to suppress and contain other countries, is not only violating economic laws and harms common interests, but will ultimately lead to “throwing stones at one’s own feet” and affect one’s own economic growth and people’s well-being. It is hoped that relevant parties can make right and independent judgments based on the merits of the matter and their own interests.