2022-05-20 16:37

In light of the current development and the likely impact of future variants of the coronavirus, starting from 23 May 2022, the requirements of pre-departure COVID-19 tests for passengers boarding China-bound flights will be changed as follows:

1.IgM antibody serology test (including IgM Nucleocapsid test) is no longer required as part of the pre-departure COVID-19 tests. All passengers flying to China are required to administer two PCR tests and one supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), regardless of vaccination status or types of vaccines have administered. The requirements for children under the age of 5 years old are remain unchanged.

2.A lung CT scan or X-ray are no longer required for people who were previously infected with COVID-19, including confirmed case of COVID-19 or had a positive PCR test result.

3.Seafarers disembark in New Zealand are no longer required to enter a 14-days self-isolation, and seafarers can now request for the health code in accordance with current requirements of pre-departure COVID-19 tests.

4.The requirements for pre-departure COVID-19 tests and procedure of requesting for health code, please check the updated version of May 2022, the Q&As on Applying for Health Code.

With the pandemic still raging across the world, the risk of being infected during international travel still exist. The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand still recommended to avoid all non-essential and non-urgent travels. 

The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand will continue to monitor the situation and cases imported to China, and will make real-time adjustment or changes on the requirements of pre-departure tests and procedures of requesting for health code. People intend to travel China should check the requirement frequently and plan your travel properly to avoid unnecessary financial losses. People are due to travel to China must ensure to take a good personal protection before and during the journey, and make sure to carry out personal health monitoring before travel, and to avoid becoming strand due to tested positive before boarding, or becoming an importation of case after arrive in China.

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