The Chinese Embassy and the Niuean Government Jointly Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of China-Niue Diplomatic Relations

2022-12-16 12:23

From November 21 to 25 local time in Niue, the Chinese Embassy to Niue and the Niue government jointly held a series of events in Alofi to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Niue.

On November 24, the theme reception in celebration of the 15th anniversary was held in Alofi. Premier and Foreign Minister of Niue, Hon Dalton Tagelagi, and Chinese Ambassador to Niue, HE Wang Xiaolong, delivered speeches respectively. More than 200 people attended the reception, including former Premier of Niue, Hon Young Vivian, key officials of the Niuean government, representatives from the Chinese Embassy and the contractor of the roading project, and friends from all walks of life in Niue.

Ambassador Wang Xiaolong delivers a speech at the reception

In his speech, Ambassador Wang Xiaolong looked back upon the progress have been made in various fields of bilateral relations in the past 15 years, said that China and Niue felt a sense of kinship at first ever encounter, and have since been good friends sharing a common vision, good brothers helping each other through weal and woe, and good partners walking side by side towards common development. The cooperation between the two countries is exemplary for countries irrespective of their difference in size to cooperate on the basis of equality, mutual respect and win-win results.

Ambassador Wang said that over the past 15 years, China and Niue have respected each other and shared similar ideals and beliefs, have been maintaining a high level of political mutual trust under the strategic guidance of high-level exchanges, have respected each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and provided valuable support to each other on multilateral occasions. China appreciates Niue's firm adherence to the one-China principle. China and Niue have helped each other through thick and thin. Both countries have long supported and helped each other even before the official diplomatic relations, particularly in recent years to jointly address COVID. China and Niue have advanced together in pursuit of common development.The two sides have signed the MOU on Belt and Road Cooperation and kept boosting cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, radio and television and cooperation at sub-national level. China is willing to continue to provide support and assistance to Niue, without any political strings, for the sustainable socio-economic development of Niue. China and Niue have conducted exchanges and mutual learning, getting the two peoples to know each other better. Ambassador Wang said he is deeply impressed and moved by no other than the Premier himself delivering his statement in Chinese. 

Ambassador Wang pointed out that, currently, both China and Niue are standing at a critical juncture in respective national development. Last Month, the Communist Party of China successfully convened its 20th National Congress, which elected the new leadership of the party with General Secretary Xi Jinping at its core and laid out the overarching goal and blueprint for China’s development in the next 5 years and beyond. China will strive to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through the Chinese path to modernization. China will continue to firmly pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, uphold the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, commit to the greater good and shared interests, to safeguard the common interests of the developing world. The implementation of the“Niue National Strategic Plan from 2016 to 2026” is also advancing steadily and has made significant progress. 

Ambassador Wang said that China was among the earliest countries to establish diplomatic relations with Niue. The bridge of friendship between China and Niue has crossed mountains and seas to connect the two peoples together. China is willing to work closely with Niue to continue to jointly build this bridge of friendship and create a brighter common future.

Hon Premier Tagelagi delivers a speech at the reception

Hon Premier Tagelagi delivered a speech in Niue, Chinese and English, in which he expressed a warm welcome to guests from all walks of life to attend the reception. He said that Niue has enjoyed a close friendship since the establishment of diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China on December 12, 2007. Niue has always firmly adhered to the one-China policy ever since. The Niue people will always value the friendship with the Chinese people and are grateful for the relationship and for China’s support for Niue's development aspirations over the years through bilateral and multilateral channels, including Chinese Ambassador Scholarship and anti-COVID support, etc. The two sides have just successfully held the Pre-Start Ceremony of the Roading Project and the Completion Ceremony of the Broadcasting Transmission Equipment Maintenance Project. Niue attaches importance to cooperation mechanisms such as the China-Pacific Island Countries Foreign Ministers' Meeting and will continue to participate in and support the development of relevant mechanisms. Niue is keen to see the further development of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Niue.

Ambassador Wang and Minister of Infrastructure and Finance Tatui jointly propose a toast at the reception

The youth dance troupe that once represented Niue at the Shanghai World Expo perform Niuean dance 

The atmosphere at the reception is warm and friendly, and the  performance by local artists adds more festive elements. The youth dance troupe that once performed on behalf of Niue at the Shanghai World Expo brought a unique Niuean performance. Local bands and singers performed island classic songs and Chinese songs. Friends attending the reception all wished China-Niue relationship a prosperous and bright future.

Ambassador Wang presents a commemorative plate  to Minister of Social Services Tongatule

Ambassador Wang meets with Minister of Infrastructure and Finance Tatui

 Hon Premier Tagelagi and Ambassador Wang jointly attend the Pre-Start Ceremony of the Roading Project

Hon Premier Tagelagi and Ambassador Wang jointly witness the Completion Ceremony of the Broadcasting Transmission Equipment Maintenance Project

During his stay in Niue, Ambassador Wang also paid a call on Hon Premier Tagelagi, Minister of Infrastructure and Finance Tatui, to exchange views on China-Niue relations and practical cooperation. Ambassador Wang and Hon Premier Tagelagi also jointly attended the Pre-Start Ceremony of the Roading Project and the Completion Ceremony of the Broadcasting Transmission Equipment Maintenance Project. Besides, Ambassador Wang also visited Niue Primary School and High School, transferred Chinese Ambassador Scholarship to the two schools respectively, exchanged cordially with the faculty and students, and encouraged them to be envoys of friendship between China and Niue .

Ambassador Wang and his delegation visit Niue Primary School

Ambassador Wang meets with the faculty of Niue High School

Before leaving Niue, Ambassador Wang and Hon Premier Tagelagi planted two coconut trees together and named them Kapitiga(Friendship). Both of them wish the tree of friendship between China and Niue to evergreen.

Ambassador Wang and Hon Premier Tagelagi plant tree of friendship