Remarks by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on recent documentary and articles baselessly accusing China of “foreign interference”

2024-06-24 16:41

From June 13 to 15, at the invitation of Prime Minister of New Zealand Christopher Luxon,Premier of the State Council of China Li Qiang, paid a successful official visit to New Zealand, yielding fruitful outcomes on the political front as well as in the areas of practical cooperation. The success of the visit owes to the long-term joint efforts by both sides, reflecting the support to the development of the bilateral relationship from the two governments as well as people from all walks of life. It also reflects the the importance both countries attach to the bilateral relations and the steadfast commitment to promote its continuous development. China looks forward to working together with New Zealand to implement the outcomes of the visit, jointly build an upgraded version of the China-New Zealand comprehensive strategic partnership, and better benefit the two countries and peoples.

However, as the saying goes, "the tree desires to stay still but the wind will not cease." There are those who do not want to see the healthy and stable development of China-New Zealand relations. We have noted that on the very day Premier Li Qiang's delegation arrived in New Zealand, a media outlet released a so-called documentary on its website, followed by articles filled with baseless slander and misinformation on China. They falsely accuse China of interfering in New Zealand's internal affairs, exporting ideology, and even engaging in violent illegal activities. The content is not better than, as people say in China, trying to chase the wind and catch the shadows, as it teams with conspiracy theories based on a presumption of guilt, entirely unfounded and fabricated.

The intent behind these actions is clear: to undermine the positive atmosphere of Premier Li Qiang's visit and the momentum of the healthy and stable development of China-New Zealand relations. This orchestrated effort aims to create sensationalism, instill fear, and serve ulterior political or so-called geostrategic motives .

Mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs are fundamental tenets of the United Nations Charter and core principles of Chinese diplomacy. For China, a promise made is a promise kept, and we never say one thing and then do another. China consistently develops relations with other countries on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs. 

China staunchly opposes foreign interference in our own internal affairs. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, China respects the sovereignty, security, and development interests of other nations and never interferes in their internal affairs.

China's principled and commitment-oriented stance stands in stark contrast to certain small number of countries that spread rumors, sow discord, and seem intent on instigating chaos globally. These nations frequently meddle in the internal affairs of others, disseminate false information and narratives, provoke hostility and division, and even directly orchestrate regime changes. The question of who is poking their noses and fingers around in other countries' domestic politics, exporting ideologies, and attempting to impose their will on others is evident for all to see. We trust that the majority of New Zealanders can draw their own conclusions.

The essence of China-New Zealand relations is mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit, and its sustained, healthy, and stable development serves the common interests of both countries and peoples. China is committed to working together with New Zealand to uphold a strategic and long-term perspective in managing bilateral relations, addressing differences constructively, contributing, at the same time, to promoting regional and multilateral cooperation and tackling global challenges. We also believe that attempts by malicious forces to sow discord, disrupt, or damage China-New Zealand relations will find no favor among the majority of New Zealanders, and are doomed to failure.

Like a Chinese poem goes, "While the monkeys crow, the light boat has crossed myriad mountains." In the more than fifty years of development of the China-New Zealand relationship, despite the occasional noise that might have been heard, the value both countries attach to the relationship has not changed. Neither has commitment on both sides to its healthy and stable development, nor its mutually beneficial nature. 

We advise those with malicious intent that the so-called 'China interference in internal affairs' narrative should cease, as it will ultimately harm the interests of New Zealand, and they will end up lifting a stone only to drop it on their own feet.